Marta Borowski is a Canadian filmmaker who emigrated from Warsaw, Poland to Toronto, Canada just after the collapse of communism. For Marta, humble beginnings inspired dreams and fantasies from an early age. Her past, along with a passion for travel and photography, has allowed her to witness the world from a different perspective, which has had a strong influence on her writing and filmmaking. She won the Kodak Canada award for her photograph ‘Empty Repetition’ while attending film school.

Marta started her film career as a script supervisor, and before long she became one of the youngest unionized script supervisors in Toronto. Marta has since worked on over 250 episodes of television as well as over a dozen features and commercials. Select credits include CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery, SyFy’s Alphas, Netflix’s Special Correspondents starring Ricky Gervais, and NBC’s Hannibal.

As fruitful as script supervising has been, Marta is now focusing her attention on her love of visual storytelling. She wrote and directed her first short film Jacob’s Arrow, which premiered at the 2013 Phoenix Film Festival, she had the privilege of directing on Family Channel’s sitcom Really Me and most recently Marta directed a music video for singer-song writer, Matty Powell, that aired on CMT.